essential-oil-bottle-with-lavender-candle-and-stonesEssential oils and cooking oils are oftentimes confused in use for aromatherapy. Both are natural oils, they have therapeutic properties too; however they are made or composed in diverse methods. There are lots of diverse essential oils and cooking oils which are utilized in aromatherapy, so it is essential to know the basic similarities and difference between the two prior to selecting one for personal use.

What is Cooking Oils?

These are extracted from various kinds of plants. There are plants that store oil in flowers or leaves. Also there are plants that store oil in seeds. Plants which are subjected to a high level of temperature in the process of extraction lose the therapeutic properties. Cooking oils are fixed oils due to the fact that they don’t evaporate and non-volatile. What is more, cooking oils are not soluble in alcohol.

What are Essential Oils?

These oils on the other hand are also taken out from plants like cooking oils however are diverse kinds of oil. In spite of their name, these oils usually non-oily, not like cooking oils. These oils are cold presses or steam distilled. They are taken out from the sacs, glandular hairs, veins and glands of a plant, including trees, flowers, roots, leaves and grasses. Essential oils are volatile and they evaporate at above room temperature; usually heat release the smell of plants during summer time and this is really the smell of the oil of a plant. These oils usually dissolve in alcohol.

Where to Use Essential Oils?

These oils can be utilized for many health issues in aromatherapy. They are utilized in massaging. Also you can put in essential oils to candles and aromatherapy diffusers. Never confuse fragrance oils with essential oils; fragrance oils are artificial substance without therapeutic property like essential oils which have lots of benefits to well being. There are even best essential oils for bug bites that you can find today.

Essential Oils and Cooking Oils

Essential oils and cooking oils chemical composition is multifaceted and the precise chemical composition of oil will depend on the species of plant from which it was taken out. Essential oils and cooking oils are diverse. Knowing the difference of the two will help you make a good choice of what oil you need to use.